cafe worker using aems energy management app

c2 monitoring equipment deployed to capture energy data

AEMS is a new energy management system designed to empower business owners in the management and control of their energy. Presented as an intuitive dashboard and mobile app, the system utilises energy data to deliver personalised analytics and business insights. AEMS is more than just energy monitoring, it provides business owners visibility of the role energy plays within their company. AEMS is helping business owners to become more informed about the way they use energy within their business. This means they can stop missing out on vital energy-saving opportunities and be better equipped to make decisions that cut their energy costs, become more efficient, and as a result boost productivity.

To lower the barriers of adoption, AEMS deployed a c2 energy monitoring IoT system to gather energy data from users who could not access their smart meter data. The equipment is designed to collect current and voltage data in a non-intrusive and easy to install manner, reporting back to a cloud-based server for processing and analysis.

 Using the c2 platform cut down development time to 2 months before production.

AEMS is currently being trialed with a number of SMEs in the UK and has seen significant uptake from a wide range of sectors, including retail, food and drink, hospitality, and manufacturing. Feedback from some of the pilot sites has shown that they can use AEMS to get a better perspective of energy and in a way that is easily understandable. One company, a chain of convenience stores, has been able to gain insight into how each of their stores is operating through benchmarking against one another. They were able to identify from the AEMS energy reports the highest energy-intensive store, which contributed five percent to the overall estate consumption. Being able to visualise their energy consumption data in an accessible way was one of the main benefits gained for this chain.

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