PIR Proximity

A passive infrared sensor measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. Most often used for motion detection and proximity applications such as space management, alarm systems, crowd monitoring etc

And many more!

We are constantly adding blocks to the c2 platform, implementing extra ways to capture, transfer and analyze data. Integration with external third party technologies is also simple and easy with the c2 platform.




Combine with a current clamp (see above) to provide readings of apparent power- great for use in energy monitoring systems

Raspberry Pi

A credit-card sized, dual-display computer that can be used to develop IoT products for prototyping and testing.

Third party sensors

We know that to make any IoT application work, integrability with other sensors and data feeds is key! The c2 IoT development platform is fully flexible with a technology-agnostic messaging structure that allows the transfers of any type of data packet.


Low powered, long-range communication that is enabling many IoT use cases. Coming soon to the c2 platform!

the c2 Gateway

The c2 gateway allows either build-time or run-time switching between communication channels. Easily switch between any communication protocol without changing any of your application code.


Ultrasonic sensors are an industry standard for precision distance measurement- Car parking sensors, Drones, or fill levels in bottling and packaging plants


A great low-power, wide-area network technology. Build connected products deployed with long battery life. Coming soon to the c2 platform!

Synergy Processor

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes four different series of upward software-, architecture-, and pin-compatible Synergy MCUs. The advanced S7 Series (High Performance), S5 Series (High Integration), S3 Series (High Efficiency), and S1 Series (Ultralow Power) MCUs utilize the popular ARM® Cortex®-M CPU architecture.


Simple and low energy way of reading temperature, thermistors can find use in a variety of applications- environmental monitoring, thermostats, or cooking equipment

Power Line Communication (PLC)

Integrates easily with existing power distribution networks, Powerline communication makes it easy to set up smart street lighting, energy monitoring, or setups in industrial areas or where wireless connectivity is an issue


Low level communications, supported by a wide number of devices and modules to further increase the sensors available to your product. Can also be used to facilitate Computer-to-board communications to provide control or display of readings


Reliable broadband communication utilising cellular infrastructure. Provides low range transfer of large data packets.

Microchip Harmony PIC Processor

MPLAB® Harmony v3 is a fully integrated embedded software development framework that provides flexible and interoperable software modules that allow you to dedicate your resources to creating applications for our 32-bit PIC® and SAM devices. Coming soon to the c2 platform!

Microphone and sound

Detecting sound whether to record incoming feeds or simply to detect loud noises, a microphone is a versatile sensor that can be deployed in many use cases and applications.

Digital Camera

Digital cameras capture photographs and video streams for analysis and control. Great for space management, smart homes, assistive living, medical optics sensing and much more.

Current Clamp

A non-intrusive way of measuring current in existing power systems, and used widely as part of ANDtr’s AEMS Power monitoring system

Renesas Metrology

Highly accurate, power metering board for capturing active, reactive, real power. Used for single and three phases metering which can be coupled with communications for smart metering.


Low-powered, wireless, personal-area mesh networks great, perfect for transmitting small packets of data. Coming soon to the c2 platform!

Switches and buttons

Sometimes a simple switch or button is all that is needed. Whether that be in the form of a reed switch, an array of button configurations, and a multi-selection dial.


Bluetooth can be used to create mesh networks, or to implement your product with a phone-based app for applications such as health tracking or home alarm systems


Can be used as a low cost/energy alternative for weighing small items, or for detection of pressure- under door mats for home security or on chairs for measuring office space use


Wireless networking that provides connectivity to high-speed internet and network connections.

PIR Sensor

PIR sensors are used in a number of Security and lighting systems as a low cost but reliable way of detecting movement.